4 Sep 2018

16 Dec 2014

How to find RSS Feeds related to particular topics and websites

RSS (Rich Site Summary), usually known as Really Simple Syndication is a very famous way of sharing Latest Updates, news, headlines, content on internet. RSS feeds are generally auto updated with latest content you publish on your site and are usually in XML format (or, else in JSON format now-a-days).

Since many people follow-up websites from RSS feed readers, they usually need right RSS feeds according to their taste. So, in-order to find correct RSS feeds related to particular topics and websites, we made our RSS Search Engine. Our RSS search engine uses Google Feeds API to search for feeds. It allows user to find feeds by advanced search queries too.

7 Dec 2014

Parsing and playing with JSON in Javascript

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a popular data format on web now-a-days. Since, its easier for both humans and computers to read and process it, most web-applications support JSON as input format.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to extract useful data from JSON i.e. parsing a JSON using JavaScript since JavaScript is used for processing in web applications and websites. We will take different formats of JSON as input and parse them accordingly. Most important things is we always parse a JSON using the keys of the Data we want to extract.

30 Jun 2014

Easy Way to Embed PDF, DOC, PPT, Excel Documents in Your Website or Blog

Many times, you wish to embed important links that you get on internet. And embedding them requires heavy java scripts to be added to your website code.
Here we bring you a simple, lightweight code for this purpose.
Just Add the following code and insert your pdf, document, ppt presentation or excel spreadsheet link in this code to embed them.